Five challenges every parent is facing today


Five challenges every parent is facing today
By Ayesha Sheikh

At present, parents have a lot to deal with when it comes to bringing up the child the right way. The times have changed and so have the reasons to worry. Parenting was never as troublesome as it has become now. The parents not only work hard to make their ends meet but also struggle to make the right choices for their children’s education, to be able to devote sufficient time and most importantly, to remain their children’s ideal.

Listed below are the five challenges that every parent is facing today irrespective of how hard they work to overcome them-


  • Disruptive behaviour of the child:

Children today, have become unruly and tend to cause troubles more often than ever. Being the result of the distractive environment that is causing this behaviour in them, parents are put to test in terms of patience and understanding of their children which further affects their peace of mind and their relationship with them.

Looking out for the reasons that are affecting your child is only significant for a healthy parent-child relationship.

  • Struggle between not letting go and letting them learn:

Often, parents find themselves in situations wherein they wish to over-protect their children from hard times yet cannot as they want them to learn the difficult way. Studies show that children who are allowed to struggle, learn to deal with such situations the right way.

Parents should understand that such days are quite necessary for your child’s development as it teaches them to tackle situations independently.

  • Unfulfilled hopes and dreams:

Every child brings with him or her new hopes and wishes that parents eagerly look forward to. Many times, the clock doesn’t tick the way we think and that causes grief. Seeing your child go past your plans for them is disturbing but it is only wise to accept the individuality of your child. Your dissatisfaction is visible to the eyes of your child and will only affect them negatively, making them distant.

The right approach is to accept, believe and entrust your faith in them.

  • Spending less time with your child:

No matter how much one tries, there’s always that “You don’t have time for me” card that is played on parents every now and then. Especially, when both the parents are working, subconsciously, a child keeps blaming the unavailability of parents around for every little thing that goes wrong with them.

It is important to take out time for your child and spend it knowing the deep thoughts that hit their minds while you are away. No matter what, the best one can do to a child is give them your time. That’s all they need sometimes.

  • Blaming oneself for the adversities:

Life isn’t always a cakewalk and so it is quite possible to come across days when you consider yourself a complete failure as a parent. The reason could be anything but it is suicidal to blame oneself for the way life turns out to be, at times. These are the days when you got to look back at all your accomplishments as a parent and understand that uncertainty is quite certain when dealing with life.

As responsible adults, it is significant to accept difficulties while maintaining one’s calm as positivity quite often turns tables for good.

We at Tender Years, understand your problems as parents and work towards making it a little simple for you in terms of your child’s behavioural as well as emotional development. For any kind of consultation, we are always there for you to assist, as we value you as much as we value your child.


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